Celebrating 150 Years of Creating Better

As we celebrate 150 years of service and innovation, this significant milestone represents a unique moment to celebrate our heritage of quality and sustainability, while also looking ahead to our next chapter. We are driven by the success of our employees and their families, business partners, customers and communities, and this is reflected in our new tagline: Creating Betterâ„¢. We are committed to creating better products, better job opportunities, and better communities.

Creating Better Series

Creating Better™ is a series highlighting the ways our company and founding families give back to the communities that are the source of our success, including our sustainability initiatives, involvement in great causes like Fresh Meals on Wheels, innovations and more.

Nourish Farms

Our latest "Creating Better" video highlights our partnership with Nourish Farms, showcasing the company's support for sustainable agriculture and community education. The video features the programs and activities at Nourish Farms, highlighting the tangible impact of Vollrath's contributions and involvement in fostering a healthier and more sustainable community.

The American Cancer Society Road America Run/Walk

This episode of Vollrath's "Creating Better" series focuses on the long-standing partnership with the American Cancer Society Road America Run/Walk. The video features scenes from the 2023 event, showcasing Vollrath's active role in supporting cancer awareness and research in the Sheboygan community.

Products Through the Years

Take an inside look at some of the stories behind our most iconic products

Voices of Vollrath

This series of videos explores our international and domestic locations, providing a closer look into the amazing people who advance the art of hospitality.

Our Timeline

Much has happened in the last 150 years. Take a look back at some key moments from our Past.

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The Stories of the Anniversary Mural

Follow our journey through time with Vollrath's 150th Anniversary Mural – a grand tribute to our enduring legacy and the milestones that have shaped our journey to 2024. This mural is more than just art; it's a storytelling canvas that brings to life our rich history, from humble beginnings to present-day triumphs.

The mystery of Vollrath's mammoth tea kettle

The Mystery of Vollrath's mammoth tea kettle, A symbol of innovation and pride in Sheboygan's history.

Vollrath's Wisconsin Origins

This Wisconsin farm kitchen symbolizes the state's strong ties to dairy farming and the Vollrath family's historical significance in the region.

Door-to-door sales approach of early Vollrath sales people

Float reenactment of door-to-door salesmen in 1904 Sheboygan parade.

Vollrath's Vision

In the first 150 years of Vollrath, we extended our impact to every person in America and into many other parts of the world. In the next 150 years, we will build on that foundation to improve the lives of every person on the planet.

Getting to Know Vollrath

Not familiar with Vollrath? We got you covered with some interesting facts and figures.

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