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SHEBOYGAN, Wis. - The Vollrath Company, LLC, demonstrated the sky’s the limit for serving system fabrication with its in-house design, engineering and manufacturing studios by partnering with Christensen Consultants, San Jose, Calif., to fabricate the award-winning “Pivot Point” kiosk. The brainchild of Peter Christensen, FCSI, principal of Christensen Consultants, Pivot Point provides two foodservice concepts in one 900-square-foot footprint that smoothly turns on a central turntable beneath it.

“At Vollrath, we were thrilled to take on this challenge for our custom serving systems, and executing this design certainly required its share of creative and innovative thinking, as well as collaboration with multiple influencers,” said Katharine Mizla, design solutions manager for Vollrath. “The design can be anything you want and the size will be determined by what is placed on the rotating center.”

In less than a minute, it only takes two people to manually rotate Pivot Point from foodservice concept to concept.

Pivot Point was designed initially with the hotel industry in mind for HX: The Hotel Experience Show’s 2017 Foodservice Pioneering Concept, which Christensen won. It featured a daytime foodservice venue on one side, and a nighttime cocktail bar concept on the other. The rotating center was designed to have permanent structures around it and the concept featured a front-of-house and back-of-house design.

The Foodservice Pioneering Concept event changes each year. In 2017, they challenged foodservice design consultants to dream up a foodservice concept for a lobby and other public space in a hotel or resort. The concept needed to be green, run on electric power only, with limited access to water or drains and no ventilation. The intent was to provide a foodservice outlet where none could exist before.

“For the design, I was inspired by the simple turn table, what we see turning cable cars in San Francisco or rotating scenery on the Broadway stage,” said Christensen. “The possible applications of the concept are seemingly endless. While a daytime-nighttime approach is easily adaptable for hotels, there’s no reason a venue couldn’t use the two sides to do two different foodservice concepts such as a quick-service restaurant on one side and c-store with snacks on the other for B&I, or a brewery and ice cream parlor for a stadium or arena.

Pivot Point’s guest-responsive, multifunctional concept can adapt aesthetically to any décor or environment and can make underutilized space very productive for an operator. It has a capacity to serve about 200 customers per three-to-four-hour meal period (longer for cocktail service). While one side is front-of-house, employees can stock the other side for its next service. It can be wired for any electric requirements needed to power the equipment displayed on it.

“We were honored to partner with Christensen Consultants to bring the Pivot Point concept to life. Vollrath has a lot of capabilities that people may not be aware of – from our own in-house design and engineering teams, to construction and materials, to graphics, signage and lighting, along with Vollrath’s wide-ranging equipment selection. We’re really a destination for innovative serving solutions,” Mizla said.

About Vollrath Foodservice

Vollrath offers a full line of high-quality foodservice equipment and smallwares to boost efficiency, foster creativity and drive profitability. Whether a chef, proprietor, foodservice director, operations manager, purchaser, consultant, dealer or broadliner, the work impacts how people experience a meal – wherever it's served. Vollrath works hard every day to make each component in that value chain more productive and more inspired with a collection of exceptional people, industry-leading products, helpful consultative services and Vollrath University training facility. For more details, visit vollrath.com, and follow VOLLRATH on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

About Christensen Consultants

Christensen Consultants was founded in 1994 by Peter Christensen FCSI, with a firm commitment to excellence in the design of food service facilities. For the six years before founding the firm, Peter worked as an associate / project coordinator for a major food service consulting firm as well as a food facility designer for major food service equipment dealers throughout the area. Peter has been involved in many types of food service design projects including: independent restaurants, chain restaurants, business and industry, institutional, recreation, entertainment, hotels and education.