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Sustainability Efforts

At Vollrath, we use our resources prudently because sustainability is a top priority.

In our manufacturing facilities, we’re committed to energy-efficient and environmentally friendly practices, reducing waste through recycling/reusing. Our reusable totes and plastic pallets have reduced our intercompany transport waste by 50 percent. We’ve also achieved zero-particulate emissions in our Sheboygan facility, and replaced gas fire heaters with high-efficiency heaters. Recycling is also key with cardboard, stretch plastic and scrap programs, as well as personal recycling bins for employees.

Our goal is to create energy-efficient, long-lasting products. We incorporate recyclable materials whenever possible and proudly use stainless steel, which is continuously recycled in a sustainable, closed-loop system.

From plant improvements that reduce emissions and energy consumption, to robust recycling programs and producing energy-efficient products, we have a long list of sustainability advancements and continually strive to improve. 


  • Sheboygan facility has zero particulate emissions and is designated as non-significant emitter by the Community Right to Know due to updated air filtration system
  • Replaced lubricants and soap with products that are more environmentally friendly
  • Motion sensor lights reduce unnecessary lighting
  • High-tech laser cutting system significantly reduces material waste
  • Heat recovery from manufacturing equipment aids in plant heating
  • Annealer cooling water is reused for washing
  • Gloves, rags and floor pads are washed and reused
  • Dane facility reuses runoff resin to create brown and black plastic products
  • Scrap is recovered and recycled, never sent to the landfill


  • Induction conserves energy use in HVAC by decreasing emissions and lowering kitchen temperatures
  • Heat strips, shelves and warmers, modular drop-ins, servers and induction buffet tables are designed to use less energy
  • Products are designed to last longer to reduce waste
  • Precision design of products reduces energy consumption
  • Antimicrobial line incorporates natural environmentally friendly materials
  • Accurate portion control utensils reduce food costs and waste
  • Dishwasher racks provide improved efficiency and higher capacity reduces water, energy and chemical usage
  • 50 percent of new stainless steel and aluminum products are made from recycled material
  • We choose stainless steel for its long service life as well as being recycled more than glass and plastic
  • Our lightweight, renewable aluminum provides a sustainable materials option