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Supply Chain Co-Op


Sheboygan, WI

Job Summary

 We are seeking an individual for the position of Supply Chain Co-op.  The co-op would work one semester plus the adjoined summer for an in depth Supply Chain work experience.

The Co-op Experience

  1. Project based experience – Possible projects include
  • Category segmentation of plastic products into process-based groups (injection molding, rotational molding, etc) for the purpose of soliciting bids to consolidate sources. 
  • This project would include market basket creation, establishment of a formal project plan, cost modeling to include best global possibility.
  • RFP and RFQ preparation, supplier audits, use of paired comparison matrix to weight non-financial needs, award of business and implementation
  • A presentation to Senior Management
  • Category segmentation of machined products, several electronics categories, MRO consolidation
  • This person a project that would add real value to the company and would provide an experience consistent with what they are being taught strategic procurement is. 

Qualifications and Skills

  1. Strong oral and written communication skills.
  2. Strong organizational and multi-tasking skills.
  3. Strong data analysis skills. 
  4. Fosters Collaboration
  5. Strong teamwork and customer-focused orientation.
  6. Understanding basic financials
  7. College Student
  8. Supply Chain Major
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