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District Sales Manager-South-San Antonio-Texas


South (San Antonio/Central and Western Texas), US

Job Summary

To further both the short term and long term interests of The Vollrath Company, L.L.C. consistent with the company’s strategic plan. DSMs’ evaluation will be based on their overall sales results and meeting the objectives listed below and those on the Quarterly Review Matrix. Particular emphasis is to be on equipment and new item sales. Dollar and percentage growth versus prior year and measured against plan both dollars and versus plan will be evaluated.

Key Responsibilities

  • DSM will call on, train, and sell to dealer/distributor salespeople and buyers. Particular attention will be paid to buying group members where Vollrath is a preferred supplier. DSM is expected to strengthen Vollrath brand awareness and to use all Vollrath resources including the home office team and field sales management personnel to strengthen these relationships and increase sales.
  • DSM will call on and develop relationships with the major end users within their territory to drive the demand for Vollrath products to be specified. These will include; Resorts, casinos, hospitals, hotels, colleges, school districts and schools, supermarket and convenience store chains and all chain headquarters. Also, the DSM will call on and develop relationships with all GPO’s and contract feeders with which Vollrath has an agreement within their territory.
  • DSM will communicate effectively and in a timely manner with Vollrath personnel regarding any product or policy issues and comply with requests for competitive products.
  • DSM will make effective and timely use of company forms and logs for customer complaints, samples, weekly reports, equipment logs, etc. Weekly Reports must be submitted by the time specified by the Regional Manager.
  • DSM will effectively use company marketing programs and ensure that they are implemented at the local level. Manage all company marketing tools including coop, promotions, Concept, Auto Quotes, Cube, Vollrath Intranet, etc. Coops and Promotion Forms must be submitted before the event or program for which they are requested.
  • Careful maintenance of all company provided tools such as vehicles, computers, smart phones, etc. And, DSM should demonstrate careful control of overall expenses including travel costs, samples and consignment products. Vehicles must be maintained according to the recommended schedule. Expenses must meet the revised guidelines sent in August of 2010 or subsequent revisions. Consignment product is to be resolved within six months of billing. DSM will maintain samples and consignment product necessary for demonstrations, shows, and meetings.


  • A college degree is desired, as is food service industry experience of three years or more. Dealer experience in particular is highly valued.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Excellent ability to prioritize.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to set goals and develop and carry out plans to achieve them.
  • Strong follow up.
  • Ability to solve problems, work independently, and take initiative.
  • Set and maintain short and long term goals within the framework of the company’s strategic plan.
  • Ability and willingness to work outside of territory and when required work nights and weekends.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft programs including Word and Excel. Must know or become proficient in the use of CMS, The Cube, Concept, Vollrath Intranet, PowerPoint, and technologies to be added.
  • Be professional in appearance and conduct in representing the Vollrath Company.
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