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Customer Service Representative


Sheboygan, WI

Job Summary

We are seeking an individual for the position of Customer Service Representative. This position will demonstrate the company mission statement of Outperform Everyday by helping our customers solve their problems and improve their profitability by being their advocate. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Be a change agent.  Identify and challenge reasoning behind current processes.  Support alternative solutions for process improvements, and recognize benefits of the change.
  • Be a team player.
  • Demonstrate flexibility and willingness to accept new assignments. 
  • Actively participate in, and maintains relationships with cross-functional teams.
  • Focus on team goals and takes initiative to achieve them.
  • Promote a positive working relationship with team members.
  • Maintain an open-minded attitude.
  • Work with team members openly to resolve conflicts.
  • Drive continuous improvement. Challenge established work procedures and suggest alternatives.
  • Interact directly with our customers. 
  • Provide fast, accurate and friendly information and support to our customers. 

This includes:

  • information on our products’ features
  • new products being offered
  • price information
  • sales order status
  • product availability
  • opportunities including promotions, alternative products
  • relationship building by understanding our customers’ needs
  • Provide support to our Field Sales personnel, as the critical link inside the company. 
  • This includes information on order status, product availability, new product introductions, and customer account issues (including pricing issues.)
  • Manage customer accounts. 
  • Ensure open sales orders are processed in a timely and correct fashion. 
  • This includes reviewing reports and making inquiries. 
  • Ensure special customer requirements for conditions of sale are documented and implemented properly.
  • Build relationships with internal and external customers and coworkers to ensure smooth and communication and problem resolution.  
  • Responsible for working with your team to attain a world-class level of Customer Service.  Fast and efficient telephone response, order processing and problem resolution, with strong understanding of customers’ needs. 
  • This includes learning from each other, sharing workloads, and solving problems together.      

International Additional Responsibilities

  • Along with order entry, prepare proforma invoices, as needed, for shipments requiring invoices for custom clearance.
  • Coordinate international shipments with customers.
  • Prepares mailings for export to customers as required, including pricing information.
  • Prepares spread sheets for quotations, weight, cube and estimated freight charges.




  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Strong organizational and multi-tasking skills.
  • Strong PC and ERP-based skills. 
  • Strong teamwork and customer-focused orientation.
  • A degree beyond high school preferred.
  • Customer service experience preferred.

International Specific Qualifications

  • In addition to the above, the qualifications below are preferred. 
  • Fluent in a language, such as Spanish or French may apply.
  • Knowledge of shipping marks and Incoterms.
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